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What You Will Learn...

  • How to choose the perfect house sit for you every time, and not just take anything you can get!

  • Choosing House Sitting Platforms that best suit your needs, so you don't waste your money

  • How to write a profile that authentically presents who you are, while incorporating that all important human and marketing psychology

  • How to form a heartfelt connection with the home owner, so they choose you over the dozens of other applicants

  • How to successfully negotiate moving in and out of countries while house sitting. It can be tricky at times!

  • How to deal with issues that inevitably come up on sits, and remain calm and relaxed throughout the whole thing

  • In fact, we'll show you how to be absolutely confident and competent on any sit you choose to take

  • How to have home owners raving about you to all their friends & family ... and we all know that means referral sits!

  • How to book back-to-back sits as much as you wish, and travel the world for as long as you like, with house sitting ... just like we have done since 2013!

Included In Your Lifetime Access...

  • The Ten-C Roadmap

    Full access to the tried and proven 10-C Confidence and Competency System completed by hundreds of successful sitters. We take you step-by-step through every aspect of house sitting so you become an in-demand sitter that chooses when & where they sit.

  • Forms & Fill-in Templates

    Templates you just add your details to, for creating your award winning profile & application emails. And all the forms you will ever need, including a house sitting agreement, and full briefing documents for your home owner so you know everything about your sit. Just send it to them.

  • Handy Checklists 

    What about a dozen or more easy-reference checklists for things like choosing a house sitting platform, getting references, assessing a sit, and essential things to ask your home owner before booking your travel, so you quickly know you have not forgotten anything.

  • Real-Life Examples

    And real life examples of things that just work, like your home owner interview. We even did a mock interview and debrief with one of our real life home owners you can watch and take notes on. Why not even ask the same questions we did ... we got the sit! 

And that's just the International House Sitting
10-C Confidence and Competence Course!

Imagine what else you can do with ...

The Profile Video

According to dozens of our home owners, our profile video has been the #1 reason why they have chosen us for their sit. That's why we have a whole mini-course walking you through how to create a profile video that connects from the heart with any home owner that watches it. Covering: what to say, how to say it, how to shoot it, editing, and uploading it to a platform.

The Travel Lifestyle Plan Workbook

Knowing how downsize your life, what to do with all your stuff, what you will need to pack for long term travel, and even knowing how much money you need to travel the world & pay for home expenses, can all be just a stab in the dark ... unless you have our Travel Lifestyle Plan Workbook, walking you through every step of preparing for long-term or even a life of travel.

Learning Foreign Languages Painlessly!

Many international sitters stress over not being able to speak the language on their sits. They picture walking into the local markets and squirming as they have to ask for what they want. No need. We have a comprehensive lesson with Polyglot and Academy Member Eric, who will have you speaking conversational languages super quick and easy.

Boy, do we have everything covered on traveling the World, or what!

But what else do you need to make traveling even better?
How about some BONUSES? Yes!



Save a Fortune on Flights!


You're going to need to save on flights, and be able to get cheap transport, ALL the time.


So we have a whole membership dedicated to finding the cheapest, and sometime free ways, to get around the world. This Bonus will save you thousands of dollars on your transport guaranteed ... as it has for so many other Academy Members!

    • Flight Route Hacking

      Learn the Art and Science to finding and booking cheap flights any time you want to travel  - not just when the specials are on!  Learn this skill and you will save a fortune on flights for years!

    • Secret Flight Websites & Deals

      There are a number of 'secret' sites that find all sorts of special flight deals ... but do you know where to look for them?  We do ... and we want to tell you!

    • Frequent Flyer Miles

      We've interviewed the absolute experts on Frequent Flyer Miles so you can learn how to earn & collect Frequent Flyer points and miles... even WITHOUT traveling. Then where points are best spent, including what to avoid spending them on, the best air miles programs, what they offer, what can be transferred, and when they expire. 

    • Cruise Deals

      And if your into cruising, our Academy Members share some amazing insider deal tips and tricks from their extensive experience. 


    BONUS 2

    Know the Best Destinations!



    You're also going to need to know about the most exotic and sought-after House Sitting Destinations in the WORLD!


    So we're giving you access to all of the recordings where House Sitting Academy Members round-table discussed the most important aspects of house sitting in those countries. Including:

    • Transport to get there and in-country
    • Visas and handling Immigration
    • The best times to go for the weather
    • The cultural aspects of house sitting there
    • Cuisines and buying local food there
    • Dealing with currencies
    • Security and safety aspects
    • Areas to avoid house sitting
    • Things you must see and do
    • Tips & tricks only the locals know about


      • Australia




        The Caribbean




        New Zealand


        The UK



      BONUS 3

      Get Confidence & Insider Tips & Tricks


      You're going to also need stories.

      Stories of others that have gone before you.

      Those that have packed up their busy lives and chosen a life of travel and adventure.


      So you can see creative and unique ways to make this lifestyle work for you, and gain a rock solid confidence that you can do this too - no matter what your story is!


      And you'll need these stories as a podcast, so you don't have to sit there for hours watching, you can be doing other things in your day and almost sub-consciously be absorbing this information and inspiration.


      Luckily, we ran the World's first House Sitting Summit, and you can watch all of it!


      Dozens of House Sitters sharing their stories of how they got started, what they have learned, and what they would do differently! 

        HEAR ABOUT...

        • Mastering the Most Important Skill 

          How to Network to Get More Sits

          Essential Mindset for Success
          Handling Changes in Plans

          Exotic and Remote House Sits

          House Sitting Do's & Don'ts

          When To Use Agreements

          The Trust process of House Sitting

          Choosing The Right Travel Insurance

          What To Expect On Sits & Preparation


        BONUS 4

        Have Plenty of Money for Travel


        And you're going to need to know how to make money from anywhere, at any time ... because travel is always more fun when you can do whatever you like, when you like!


        So we have a whole module dedicated to creating any type of income that suits your lifestyle ... from actual travelers that earn their income from the road.


        Even Academy Members who have not needed money, like self funded retirees, have come back saying what they learned about affiliate marketing in these lessons really enriched their travels ... bringing in that little bit extra to indulge in a beautiful dinner out or that helicopter flight over Paris they thought they couldn't afford.

          DISCOVER -

          • What Active Income Opportunities are available, like remote work


            How to do the work once and keep getting paid with a leveraged income


            Creating a Passive Income


            Off-line Income ideas as you travel


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          Everything we've got on Traveling the World for Next to Nothing, With Free Accommodation & Cheap Flights. 

          This package is over 8 years in the making!
          (And centuries if you add in all the other travelers that have contributed to it!)


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